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Overview and Bio

Eric Bartosz is the founder of BAR40 and author of BAR40 'Achieving Personal Excellence'. BAR40 is a unique 52-week program that provides the framework and tools to help anyone reach their peak potential and achieve previously unreached goals. Core components include a customized fitness program, diet modifications, personal accountability practices, habit creation and elimination, mindfulness practices and daily strategies for achieving continuous personal excellence. Also included in the book is a 52-week training journal that provides space to track all key activity areas. BAR40 is designed to help you supercharge successful outcomes in your life and it delivers amazing results.

Questions for Eric

  1. What's unique about Bar40?
  2. Why the 52 weeks?
  3. How does the diet plan work in Bar40?
  4. Do I have to work out every day or how does that work?
  5. I know Bar40 has a strong emphasis on mindset, what can you tell me about that?
  6. Being the CEO of your life is a theme in the book...can you expand on that?
  7. So Bar40 and goal setting...what does that look like?
  8. What effect has Covid-19 had on peoples response to Bar40...overall has there generally been more or less interest in personal development?
  9. Bar40 and the 52 week sober challenge? (scary thought for some!)
  10. How does Bar40 coaching and the employee wellness programs work?

Bar40 Participant Quotes (you can use for your promos)

  • “A total game changer”
  • “I wish I heard this 10 years ago”
  • “this should be taught in schools”
  • “Inspirational and pragmatic”
  • “transformative”
  • “A 360-degree program for a better life”

Past Interviews