Achieving Personal Excellence

Your Ultimate 52 Week Training Resource for Reaching Peak Potential

by Eric Bartosz

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Although the BAR40 program was created in 2016, the BAR40 Ultimate Training Resource is a project that was just recently completed during these last months of COVID-19 quarantine. One of the core components of BAR40 is personal accountability in making every day and week count. Using that filter back in March, I realized that the most positive use of the sudden extra time would be to finish the BAR40 book, and in turn help others with building their 'Ultimate Year' plan.

My hope is you find the approaches and strategies, as well as the included daily training journal, to be an invaluable resource and daily tool over the next year. BAR40 is built from the ground up using practices proven to be effective in delivering life-changing results for the long haul, long after the 52-week commitment to your self is over.

If you decide to buy the book, I'd love to hear about your experience and journey, feel free to reach me anytime at [email protected].

Also, reviews are a big deal in the Amazon world as far as how easily a book title can be found, so if you would be willing to leave a review that would be awesome as well as much appreciated!

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Thanks and have the best day ever!

~ Eric

For anyone looking to elevate their life to the next level and pursue the best version of themselves, BAR40 offers the framework and guidelines that will help you achieve the ultimate year of reaching your full potential.

BAR40 is a 52-week program designed to provide the foundation and tools for creating new life-changing habits in core areas such as mindset, diet, and fitness. Part of what makes Bar40 so uniquely effective is the combined body and mind approach in a self-guided journey that begins with establishing goals and provides the resources that allow you to track your progress to completion in a daily journal.

While BAR40 makes no claims of easy results with no effort, what it does deliver are fundamental improvements through commitment, dedication, and personal accountability. These self-mastery skills will have you performing at peak levels while looking and feeling your best. Most importantly, the changes and improvements that you create in your life over the next year will be your new lifestyle habits, allowing you to continue on your course of personal excellence with a mindset permanently set to achieving more.

Some key points of the BAR40 program include:

Also included in the book is the 365 day 'Ultimate Year' all-inclusive journal which combines the best elements of fitness, diet, and mindfulness journals in one place.

BAR40 will transform your ideas to action and your actions to success, as defined by your personal goals. Here's to you living your best year ever!

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